August 14th, 2017

5 Product trailers you must refer, before creating your own

Each product is designed keeping some target customers in mind. So, when the product is introduced, its video needs to be created only after carefully considering the taste of its users,  its unique features and the ways it can benefit the customers. Some product videos were brilliant and made a huge impact on the audience. We have picked 5 such videos, so you can enjoy watching them and take lessons on how to make your next product trailer.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test)

Jean-Claude Van Damme carried out an epic split, between two reversing Volvo trucks! This video of a “Live Test” took the internet by storm. The video is neat and beautiful. It gives a clear message that you can blindly trust the abilities of Volvo trucks. It is mentioned that they are trying to demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering. The Hollywood action star, music and stunt are carefully chosen to influence those who are directly/indirectly involved in making purchase decisions. This video went viral and has over 85 million views today! It made history for the Volvo trucks and won many awards too.

iPhone 7 – Design

Apple is always good with its product trailers. This is a relatively recent one. So, we clearly remember how iPhone lovers were in awe of this video. It provides every minute detail of iPhone 7’s design. The product shown in the video looks a million bucks! After seeing that glossy black finish and smooth design, the viewers just wanted to hold it and own it.

Nikon D7100

This is a simple video. Those who love and enjoy photography will understand how the video showcases the camaraderie of a person and his camera. All the features of the camera are indicated through demonstration and attractive typography. The music is so apt for a calm setting where a person goes out in nature to capture the most beautiful moments with his high-tech device.

Honda City – Notice how heroes are usually in red?

Did you notice how the video first grabs your attention, then makes a smooth transition and starts talking about the car? The trailer stands out from the rest because it initially makes us think about “heroes” and the color “red”. Then, a red Honda City is introduced and all its wonderful features are listed one by one.

The video takes you through the features in a very organized manner. Starting with the basic specifications like Push start button, Steering audio switch, Cruise control etc; and then diving deeper into the cabin space and truck capacity. After that, it talks about the security features like airbags. Once you have seen the entire car, it tells you about your savings like fuel efficiency, free labour services etc.

This reminds us of a skilled salesman at the showroom, who personally shows us the car. After watching the video, the viewers would want to take the next step i.e. the test drive. – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

The list cannot be complete without this viral video. The founder himself tells you why you should get their product: it’ home delivered, it’s inexpensive and their “blades are F***ing Great”. The message is absolutely clear. This video is special because it puts across simple messages in the most humorous ways. entertained the viewers while it talked about its product, and that is why it got so much love from the audience. You might want to watch the video over and over again. That’s normal…everyone feels like that.

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