April 12th, 2017

Cast a magic spell on the audience with event opening videos

You know that it takes a lot of planning, resources and efforts to organize an event. On the D-day, once everyone gets seated and wait for the event to begin, you secretly cross your fingers behind your back and wish that the event is a success and meets their expectations. We know that you really want to start your event with a bang. And we assure you that an event opening video can do the trick for you.

Event opening videos take the responsibility of wowing and engaging the audience at the beginning of the event. They give them time to let the idea of the event sink in. Have you noticed how reality shows introduce their participants? After watching the video, you are bound to empathise with the person. Those opening videos are meant to keep you connected with the participant for the entire season.

A opening video pumps in a lot of energy and communicates what to expect from the event. You can use opening videos for promoting your brand, sharing success stories or telling about your journey and milestones at the beginning a conference, award ceremony, meeting etc.

There is a stark difference between the event opening videos and trailers. Event opening videos are meant for one-time screening while trailers can be used a number of times. This is why you would find plentiful trailers online but only a small handful of opening videos.

We have picked a few event opening videos for you. Lay your eyes on their approach, content, music and effects before you plan an impactful video to kick-off your next event.


It really helps to start a video with a countdown or a loading progress bar. It ignites curiosity and sets the stage for the coming video. The music is deliberately chosen to be so exciting that it gives goosebumps to the attendees. The video explains the theme of the event and its meaning. It also takes you through the tracks of the conference. It shows some stats that are important to the attendees. After watching this, viewers would be attentively waiting for “what comes next?”

Inbound 2013

That was a phenomenal video to start an event. It is sensitive, inspiring and educating video. In the first half, it tells you the power of the customers. They can help you grow by providing feedback and testimonials and they can also ruin you, if they are unhappy. It tells you why businesses need to take customers seriously. It reminds you that customers are people with feelings, a lot more than your target numbers and metrics. In the second half, the video tells you that you are on the right track and you should continue to bond, collaborate and grow with your customers. That’s how an opening video should indicate the purpose and importance of the event!

Creative Innovation 2013

A video has to be in line with the kind of event is opens. So you would find a creative touch in this stop motion video. The video lists down the topics that would be covered during the event. It informs you about what all you would be doing during the event like exploring, learning, getting entertained etc. Starting your event with such an entertaining and informative video definitely makes a difference.

SharePoint Conference 2012

This video introduces the audience to the SharePoint Conference. It uses very few words to convey what all you would do at the conference i.e. discover, manage, build, share and organize. A short video with stunning music & dynamic graphics can have a lasting impact!

TEDxToronto 2013 – Conference Opening Video

At the start of the fifth TEDxToronto Conference, Toronto introduced itself through this video. The city tells its story, it talks about its history, political & social conditions, architecture, population, art and sports. The video covers over 2 centuries of Toronto’s journey and proudly announces that today, it is a world class, multi-cultural city welcoming all kinds of people and businesses. The video efficiently covered everything that was required to be conveyed before starting the conference.

Providing so much of information in two and a half minutes is not an easy task. We need to draw inspiration from such works.

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