May 2nd, 2017

How to make the most out of your game trailer

So, you have already decided to invest in a trailer and are ready to do anything to make it work. You definitely want to get maximum viewers to watch your trailer in awe of your game.Your trailer creates the first impression of your game. The viewers can only see what is shown to them, so make sure you show your game in the best light and get good ROI.

Keep these 5 points in mind while getting your game trailer done:

Don’t Push

No doubt the trailer is meant to influence the purchase decisions of the viewers but your prime focus should be to entertain them and make them want to try or share the experience. Almost 90% of the content should be designed for the viewer’s experience and around 10% about selling the game.

Hook Them

You want your video to get undivided attention. It has to be really attractive to be able to entice the viewers.

Before you start outlining your trailer, identify who are your target customers. Learn about them and design a strategy to connect with them. Whether you scare them, make them laugh/cry or shock them, your target audience should be able to relate to the video. Keep it simple and maintain brevity. Resist the temptation to stuff all the information in the video about the characters, levels, possibilities, controls, rules etc.

Choose the audio that excites the viewers and is suitable to the tone of the game. Get help from experts for editing your video, they can further spice it up. No doubt, your video can have a few additional audio or video effects to look more enchanting. But take care not to deceive the viewers or it may work against you.


Your trailer should have a well-defined structure. Owing to the short attention spans, an interesting start is a must. Even if you don’t start with a bang, try to quickly jump into the exciting world of your game. The video should exhibit the high points of the game and not the boring wait periods. The viewers are keen to understand the mood of your game. The storytelling should be short. The music should be in sync with the storytelling, in line with the twists, turns, action sequences, victory etc. Last but not the least, pay attention to the pace of your storytelling, it should be as per the theme of the game.

Don’t compromise on Quality

Whether you use good quality stuff or bad, it shows! High-resolution videos look more classy and professional. Audio quality matters too. For instance, adding crystal clear sounds effects during a high energy sword fighting scene works like a cherry on the top. Although it’s not compulsory to use high-end cameras or expensive effects to sizzle your video, try not to ignore the quality. Make the best use of whatever resources you have.

Call to action in the end

Well, we understand that you really want the viewers to try your game. That is the reason you came up with a trailer. But if we keep on asking for it during the video, it can distract, irritate and even turn off the viewer. So, keep the call to action towards the end. Make it very easy for the viewer to take action e.g., “click here to try the game”. You can also ask them to share, like or retweet your video.

Once you get an impressive trailer for your game, get down to spread the word in full swing:

Press Release

If you wish to create a hype in media, prepare a press release. Connecting with the journalists can give your game trailer the exposure it needs. Collect the gameplay screenshots, download link, video link and circulate it in the media.


You must discuss your game and promote your video on forums where active gamers and passionate developers can provide you feedback. If they like your video they may try and popularize your game too. This would be the right channel to get noticed and get views from the relevant people. You can also invite people for a Beta test and implement some of the good feedbacks in your game. This will enhance both, your game and your interaction with the prospects.


Go ahead and ask popular personalities to promote your video. Follow gaming websites and personalities who have a large number of followers, ask them to give their opinions about your game. Ask game bloggers to post your video and write a review. Word of mouth publicity from experts builds trust and carries a lot of weight.

Social media

You already know that the power of social media is tremendous. So, create a fan page on Facebook and be active on it. Have you own community on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. You don’t have to hard sell, just stay connected and encourage participation. This will indirectly build loyalty for you.


You can use your trailer to hold contests and giveaway goodies. Simply tell the viewers that they have to answer a few simple questions about the trailer to win free copies of the game. This way you can draw attention towards your game and also get more views on your video.


An incredible game also needs a great trailer to get maximum visibility and widen its reach. If you have a fabulous trailer, the viewers can’t help but get drowned in your game. It would be capable enough to turn the viewers into players.

It takes a little bit of planning and some extra efforts to make your trailer work. If you want to avoid the hassle, there are many agencies in the market who can do this for you. No matter who makes the trailer and promotes it, it should give your target audience the feel of your game and make them want to try it.

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