March 27th, 2017

One thing you absolutely need for your book’s success

So, you have written an amazing book. Great! Your well-written book definitely deserves the appreciation and love of the readers. But what if it does not reach them? Your target readers need to be familiar with your book before they see it at the bookstore (online or the brick & mortar ones). You need to give them a reason to pick your book. A book trailer provides that familiarity and gives that reason to the viewers.

What if something sparks their interest in your writing and they start looking for your book? Nothing like it! Right? Well, a book trailer can do that for you. A book trailer is a short video introduction of your book aimed at promoting the book.

Do you know that videos are the most popular marketing tool today?  51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Your video doesn’t have to sell the book desperately, rather it has to entertain the audience. It would just provide an overview and tempt the viewers to look further. Once it stirs their interest, it would tell that this is the title and this is how the book looks. Just go get it!

Here a sample for you. The book trailer for “From Bad to Cursed”, that reveals just the right amount of information:

You should get a video for your book if:

  • You want your book to grab attention

Readers are being bombarded with several book releases, every now and then. Book videos are a relatively novel concept. So, your trailer will help you stand out in the crowd. Also, the average attention span of a human has reduced to 8 sec! Trailer are known for holding the attention for longer and keeping the viewers hooked.

  • You want to reach as many people as possible.

92% mobile customers share videos! People will talk about and share your video if they like it or think that it might interest your friends. Your book video can be spread rapidly to the extent of becoming viral!

  • You want your book to stay in the memory of the viewers

80% of Internet users can recall a video ad watched in last 30 days. Even if your book is not a new or upcoming release, your book trailer can help your book stay evergreen in the market!

  • You want your book /video to be displayed in search results

Videos improve your SEO ranking. According to Forrester, “any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index”. This means you become more “reachable” for your prospective readers!

  • You are not comfortable making public appearances for the promotion

Writing a book that the readers just can’t put down? You ace it! But going out promoting your book? You may be one of those who doesn’t enjoy it that much. Here’s a way out, take your time and get a video done. You can have a script, practice it and take the liberty of a few takes. So, you can talk about your book and reach people, from your own comfort zone.

You know that the more exposure your book gets the better it is. Every platform has its own advantage and customer base. Your book trailer can be spread on the internet through Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, your website etc. Your video can be shared through WhatsApp messages and you can also get your video shared by influential personalities.

If you wish to convey the idea of your book through a video, such that it reaches the right people and makes them feel like buying your book, then we at TrailerKraft, are here to make it happen.

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