July 13th, 2017

Take notes from the top 5 game trailers of 2016

Last year, a large number of game trailers were released. Some went unnoticed while others made waves. The best among the lot were not just excellent pieces of art but also clever marketing tools. They had the capability to entice the viewers and drive them to take the desired action (pre-order, download, try or buy). It’s always good to learn all you can, from such outstanding trailers.

We have created a list of 5 trailers that you should carefully watch, to master the skills of creating effective trailers:

God of War

Before discussing anything, let’s watch it first:

What a gripping trailer! The video starts with an innocent kid playing and ends on a totally different note; his father declaring that the kid is “ready” now and it’s “A new beginning”. The protagonist of the series, Kratos has grown a bit older and the game also seems to have grown up. The father teaches the son to hunt and gives out powerful messages like “don’t be sorry, be better”, “keep moving” and “finish what you started”. The gameplay has been blended with the story and beautifully depicted.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The gamers are waiting for a new addition to the Zelda series since long. This trailer raises their expectations even more. “Open your eyes” and have a look at the beautiful scenery, birds, animals, trees, river etc. Listen to the melodious sounds of nature, the water flowing and the birds chirping. The tempo slowly increases and you get to see what all Link can do; climbing trees and mountains, riding horse, hunting, diving and jumping. The trailer quickly takes you through numerous different settings, activities, creatures and characters. Another well-done trailer from Nintendo!

The Last of Us Part II

One of the most amazing trailers! A setting with blood and dead bodies lying around Ellie, who is playing a song on her guitar. Joey comes inside and finds her in her room and then, she declares a revenge, “I am gonna find and I am gonna kill every last of them”. It sends chills down your spine! It must an interesting tale but they did not tell us the entire story. It makes us desperately wait for Naughty Dogs to release the sequel.

The Last Guardian

Last Guardian arrived in December after making us wait for years. Till then, all we had were some stunning trailers that made us fall in love with the boy and the creature. This video opens with the whooshing sound of the wind and a cinematic view through the clouds. Then you see quick glances of various scenes and you try to imagine what the story might be. You cannot connect these pieces to make up a story but you can imagine that there is a beautiful bond between beautiful souls and they are there for each other during the struggles. Truly a captivating trailer.

Insomniac’s Spider-man

You have known this super-hero since your childhood, but this video game trailer still looks something new. It’s a delight to watch the web-slinger in action, jumping, fighting and gliding through the New York City. The Spider-Man shares that he has a responsibility on his shoulders and he has to live up to the expectations of the people who trust him. This instantly connects you to the protagonist. Dear Spider-Man, we are eagerly waiting for this game.

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