February 11th, 2017

This new variety of trailers can get you all the customer attention

360-degree Virtual Reality Trailers are fresh arrivals in the marketing space. The topmost brands are taking the early mover advantage to outshine other brands and their trailers.

Whenever a new technology arrives, intelligent marketers quickly find out ways to leverage its potential and get noticed by the prospective customers. Virtual Reality is one such technology. Although it was introduced long ago, it is still in the developing phase. It is slowly entering all the industry sectors like defense, health care, entertainment etc.

Let’s talk about 360-degree video game trailers first:

( Before we start, please note that the given videos are best watched in 4K or HD. You can navigate in different directions to look around during the video. It would be a better experience if you use a VR headset.)

Clash of Clans:

Supercell took the gamers on a virtual reality raid through this 360-degree trailer. The trailer places you in the village, you can look around while the attack is still on. Watch the Barbarians, Hog Riders and giants move around, from the Archer tower. The trailer has been created for viewing on Youtube App in smartphones. You can also use your VR headset, like Google Cardboard for watching it.

For Honor – In the Battle:

Ubisoft has also taken to Virtual Reality for promoting its upcoming game “For Honor”. The game will be soon available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Till then, you can catch the action going on in the battlefield.

Total War:

This trailer also puts you into the battlefield and the visuals are pretty awesome! Creative Assembly and Sega should be proud of this trailer. Enter the scene and watch the combatants around you.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Jack the Ripper:

Another one from Ubisoft, this one was supposed to be an internal test for VR but it turned out so well that they decided to shared it. So, get inside the Whitechapel, London and watch the clash between Jack and assassin from close.

There are a few other 360-degree game trailers too, like The Climb and Arizona Sunshine – Apocalypse. 360-degree game trailers definitely have an edge over the usual ones. They pull the viewers “inside” the game and that is exactly what excites the gamers.

There were some movie trailers that leap out of the rest. Apart from being technologically ahead, they also delivered an immersive experience of the movie. You should also plunge into these experiences.

Don’t Breathe:

A few teens break into the house of a rich blind man with an intention to rob him, what happens next? They get trapped.

The trailer is not just terrifying it is interactive too. It puts you with those people, in that situation!

The Conjuring 2:

How will you feel in the haunted, Hodgson’s house? This creepy trailer will tell you that:

Conjuring 2 was a supernatural thriller and its trailer was as mind blowing as the movie. This 3 min. video is so successful in giving you chills because it’s a 360-degree trailer!

The Jungle Book:

Disney came up with a series of 360-degree trailers to promote the movie, “The Jungle Book”. This trailer let you experience the jungle “Through Mowgli’s eyes”.

This interactive video allows you to look around the ancient temple, watch the monkeys moving around or get face to face with the giant orangutan.

Other movies like Star Wars, Batman Vs. Superman and Avengers have also swept the viewers off their feet with 360-degree trailers.

Events need 360-degree trailers to let the viewers see what it would be like to be at the event and what enjoyment they might miss if they don’t attend it.


1 year ago, Tomorrowland released “360 Degrees of Madness” to give you the taste of the most happening electronic dance music event on the planet. You can see people relaxing, chit chatting, enjoying, crowds cheering, live music etc. You can also get a “helicopter view”! Look around up in the sky, look down and explore the venue.

Before the Juno spacecraft entered the orbit of Jupiter on 5th July 2016, NASA released a 360-degree trailer of Juno’s mission to Jupiter. The video takes you into the solar system and describes the spacecraft and its journey. This trailer was released to raise awareness about a historic moment that was about to happen. Step into the solar system, look around at the stars, the Sun and the Jupiter.

There is definitely something about the 360-degree VR trailers, that is why all the big player are coming up with such trailers and the audience are loving them. While other trailers may provide “out of the world” experience, the 360-degree trailers are taking the viewers “into the world” of the game, movie, event etc.

It’s time to revise your promotional content and leverage the latest VR technology. The videos you just saw made a huge impact on the audience. So, follow the footsteps of these brand names and produce immersive videos that will completely engage your viewers.

If you plan to make it big in the market, TralerKraft can partner with you to create and deliver 360-degree trailers that will amaze your viewers and improve your conversions.

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