February 20th, 2017

Unpack your game’s “trailer pack”

No matter how good your game is, if it doesn’t get noticed, all your hard work goes in vain. There are myriad ways in which you can make sure your game catches the attention from the right people. A Trailer Pack is a bouquet of impactful promotional content that would certainly bring your game into the spotlight. Let’s explore this assortment of video game publicity tools and techniques:

Teaser Trailers (approx. duration 30 Sec.)

As the name suggests, teasers are meant to tease the audience before the actual game is released. These are short videos that provide a fleeting glance of the game. It gives an idea of what to expect in the game. You may like to provide a glimpse of the protagonist, his/her attire, body language, or the game environment, genre etc. You can also give the viewers, a taste of the audio, sound effects and visuals. Teasers tempt your viewers to pre-order the game.

Have a look at the LEGO Jurassic World video game teaser. It’s short & crisp. Notice the amazing sound effects and how the video blends a world of dinosaurs with LEGO, in a beautiful way.

LEGO Jurassic World video game teaser:

ASTROIDS: Space Game of the Year – Video Teaser:

This teaser just presents the idea of the game, coupled with fantastic music! That is all you need to create a buzz about your game.

Viral Videos (approx. duration 45 Sec.)

Viral videos can be crazy fan videos, parodies of trailer videos, or anything else that goes viral. They have the potential to spread like a wildfire and make your game popular overnight!

Guillaume Reymond made a human Tetris game using stop motion and simply adorable vocals, the result was this brilliant viral video that has more than 14 million views!

The Original Human TETRIS Performance by Guillaume Reymond:

Here’s an old video that went viral for the mindblowing reaction of a kid unwrapping the “Nintendo 64”. The video has over 21 million views!! Can you beat that?

Cutscenes (approx. duration 60 Sec.)

You must have seen a small video play during the start of a game or a few seconds of celebrations when you successfully cross a level. Such videos are called Cutscenes. They are not meant for playing, instead, the viewer can just sit back and enjoy watching a short and stunning piece of the game. Sometimes, they are also used to guide the players during the game.

Pacman is believed to be the first one to introduce cutscenes in 1980’s. So, why not have a nostalgic glance at your very own Pac-Man?

Mostly, cutscenes possess higher resolution, more effects and are more cinematic than the actual game. In-game cutscenes are played real-time in the game engine. They offer a smooth transition and negligible loading time. Pre-rendered cut scenes are recorded outside the game engine and are played at specific moments in the game. Pre-rendered cutscene enable better quality visuals.

The ratio of gameplay to cutscenes should be optimized; too many cutscenes can irritate the player and pure gameplay entails the risk of appearing very serious and boring. Minute aspects of these short videos should be carefully considered ranging from timing, staging, cutting and pacing.

The introduction of internet and social media rejuvenated cutscenes. Today, they are widely used to tempt the prospective customers online. You can use cutscenes to quickly take the viewers inside the game world and introduce them to the characters, their environment and the story. You can upload stunning cutscenes to wow the viewers and promotion your game.

Trailers (approx. duration 90 Sec.)

Game trailers are certainly not a new term for you. What makes them different from teasers is that they are a bit longer and reveal your game a bit more. You can provide details about the game setting, plot, characters, landscape, gameplay, plot etc.

This trailer of Dead Island has a reverse sequence with slow motion. It is undoubtedly a very gripping video.

Dead Island:

The trailer for The Last Guardian has everything you need to make a trailer work. It takes you into another world, looks cinematic, has an emotional appeal, and ignites both curiosity & fear in the viewer.

Pitch Videos (approx. duration 120 Sec.)

Pitch videos are aimed at conveying the outline of the game and the capabilities of the developers or the organization. They are released before the game is actually created. You can use pitch videos to persuade the investors, press, publishers etc. You can also use them to influence good developers who may join you. You might also get some useful feedback and suggestions on your pitch.

It would be great if you can include a sample video of your game. This will demonstrate how the game would look like and that is what everyone wants to see. Pitch video is your first impression, so, design your pitch keeping the target audience in mind. You can talk about your previous experience or successful products. You should clearly know about the resources you would require in terms of money, people, software etc. Mention how your game can bring more profits. You can talk about the name you have chosen, the character, hero, villain, weapons, no. of players, levels, game play, story etc. You should mention what platform will you game run on?

Here’s the pitch for Sin City. Although the game was dropped since the movie got delayed; you can still take notes from the pitch.

Here is another one, a bit different pitch:

Reentry Game Pitch from Drew Skillman on Vimeo.

A basic game pitch, with all the required details, looks like this:  Interstellar Invaders – Game Pitch Presentation.

Developer diaries (approx. duration 180 Sec.)

Developer Diaries are mostly articles or videos published by the game developers. Your gaming company can create a buzz and stay in touch with your fans by keeping your followers updated on what’s coming next in the game. You can update the viewers on new levels, new environments or sequels in the pipeline. You can talk about what challenges will the protagonist face next, the new weapons or superpowers he/she may get or about a new character that is going to enter the story. Dev. Diaries are generally a series of videos. You need to regularly post different versions on your website, blog, twitter etc to keep the audience hooked.

Basically, it’s about revealing the ongoing developments such that it ignites interest in the players, and make them wait for the release. Your development diaries can be a collection of screenshots, game videos and interviews.

Ubisoft’s developer diary for Prince of Persia features the developers talking about the ideas behind the game, it’s features, characters, etc.

We would also like you to see developer diary for Assassin’s Creed:

And for Plants Vs. Zombies:

Conclusion: Trailer Pack can help you advertise your game from pre-launch to post-launch. You can consult a professional agency that can collaborate with you, right from the start of the game design. This way you can start creating a buzz about your game during the early stages of its lifecycle. Working on a complete package will enable the agency to understand your requirements better and to know your business inside-out. Consequently, you will get better results.

To discuss about your Trailer Pack, Consult TrailerKraft Today!

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