March 6th, 2017

Wondering how to promote your app? check out how these 5 brands did it:

You must have noticed that AppStore, Googleplay and MicrosoftStore are all overcrowded with similar kinds of apps. But some intelligent marketers still manage to stand out! An app trailer gets you noticed and projects your image as “a leading brand”. It also comes handy in letting your potential customers know that they can get your app to make their lives better!

We have selected 5 App Trailers that will help you figure out how you too can make your app famous:


Apple introduced Hands-free Siri in the most awesome way, by starring an adorable hand puppet in the video! Your favorite cookie monster is baking cookies for himself and he has his efficient personal assistant, Siri, to help him out. The video demonstrates how Siri can assist you in your daily life. It gives you a feel that Siri is so easy to use and can perform various tasks like setting a timer or playing music for you. Did you notice that when the monster asks Siri to check the timer again, the music did not stop? It emphasises that Siri does its work without disturbing other activities.This app video is a gem. It features a lovable character and adds a lot of entertainment. Did you notice that the cookie monster was so hungry it ate the wooden spatula? A dash of humour adds to the appeal of this video.


Airbnb clearly knows whom to target, people who love to travel and see the world. Thus, the entire video is a journey. It keeps you moving through the castles, forests, mountains, snow and cities. After you have enjoyed your ride you see a “Welcome Home” banner at “Airbnb”. So now you know where to go after a whole day of traveling and sightseeing. While you enjoy this toy train ride, the voice over gives you a simple introduction about Airbnb. After watching the video, you just want to download the Airbnb app and satisfy your wanderlust.

Khan Academy

Khanacademy is all about learning. So, the best approach is to motivate people to learn. The video aims to motivate us, it says no one is born with all the knowledge and skills. It says it’s ok to fail, to not know certain things, to be confused or to be wrong, because you can always learn, improve and excel! The video inspires you to strive to be better because what you are today, is not all that you can be.

It makes you believe you can learn anything. When you start thinking of something you wish to learn, the video tells you that Khan Academy is free, for everyone, forever! What are you waiting for? Download the app and get started.


Snapchat is designed to help you stay in touch with your favorite people, in a fun way. The displays “Young Hearts Strange Talks. This indicates that the app is meant for the young at heart, who love to stay connected in their own entertaining ways. The video also shows how can you be there for your loved ones even when you’re away. This short and delightful video makes you want to download the app to try it out, with your friends and family.

Wynk Music app

Who doesn’t want to be happy and cheerful? But we all feel upset some or the other times. You might have experienced how music can influence your mood. This video conveys that Wynk is available at your fingertips with a huge variety of content waiting for you. It takes you to another world, where you are the king and everyone else is waiting for your directions. An auditorium full of artists waiting to perform for you indicates the sense of control you would have over something that can uplift your mood. Everybody wants that in their life and so they would want this app too.

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